An event held on November 18th, 2022 in a space provided by Art Souterrain, in collaboration with Value Collective.  
In the two weeks leading up to the event, I created several large-scale paintings that were to be displayed and sold. Below are the artist statements and directions on the bidding process. 
The space was divided into multiple stations - not included in this recap were contributions by Madelyn Capozzi (installation & performance) and Grace Karam (paintings). 
In addition to paintings, I mounted a sound installation that invited passersby to make noise by splashing in the beauty of contact mics and metal surfaces.
Entertainement for the night was provided by Acension Rock Band Blister Sister by way of a dizzying set that included an electric drill on a crash cymbal and long ear-splitting jams. I set up additional SM58s around the entire space to keep the audience on their feet for the singer to project from. Occasionally, the vocalist sang from the basement below the venue and was monitored on a screen next to the band. A second screen displayed a live-feed of the bar.